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September 23, 2019

AGC Presents on Biophilic Design at GlassBuild 2019

AGC's Elizabeth Cotton delivered an Express Learning session at GlassBuild 2019 in Atlanta, GA. The session, titled “The Importance of Glass in Biophilic Design,” took place on Tuesday, September 17th at the Express Learning Theater — GlassBuild Booth #4029.

The session provided an overview of Biophilic Design, and explained why glass is a crucial component of its implementation. When it comes to the built environment, Biophilic Design treats occupants as biological organisms, not just humans in a box: The idea is to make spaces pleasant for both the human mind and body, promoting health and well-being. The end result is building occupants who are healthier, more satisfied, and more productive.

More than any other building material, glass provides a direct visual connection with nature. From inside an artificial space, it allows occupants to enjoy views of nature, living systems, and natural processes.

AGC would like to thank everyone who attended Elizabeth's session!