Clearsight - Enhance the view with anti-reflective glass

Clearsight is AGC’s exclusive anti-reflective glass. The special anti-reflective coating helps to minimize glare and reduces light reflection to ≤ 1%   – significantly lower than conventional float glass. When viewed from the outside, the glass appears highly transparent and does not reflect its surroundings. Objects behind the glass are more clearly visible and can be shown off to full effect. This makes Clearsight the ideal choice for applications where a high degree of transparency and minimal reflection are required.

  • Clearsight is produced with both single and double-sided anti-reflective coating.
  • Clearsight Double-sided also exists in a laminated version.


  • Significantly lower light reflection: ≤ 1% (4mm)
  • Optimal vision and clarity
  • Enhanced contrast for objects in display applications
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Environmental durability
  • More light entering the building
  • Can be laminated and used in IGUs


Clearsight can be used for internal and external applications: displays, shop windows, museums, stadiums, canopies, etc.