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With a lot of variables to carefully consider and balance like building codes, clarity, color, insulation value, location, aesthetics, light transmission, solar control, and more, choosing the right glass for your application can be overwhelming. Rest assured, you don’t need to go it alone.

Your AGC architectural representative is a well-trained and highly experienced expert in the latest technologies and trends in glass and the entire portfolio of AGC glass products. Your AGC representative is available to help you specify the perfect AGC glass products to meet your design vision and achieve the performance criteria your project demands. Your representative offers expert consultation and will point you in the right direction, with samples and the technical information you’ll need. We look forward to helping you to achieve your vision in AGC glass.

Complete the form below and an AGC Glass representative will get back to you shortly to follow-up. Or visit our Manufacturing Locations page for a complete list of Float Glass Manufacturing & Coating Facilities and Residential Window & Door Fabrication Facilities in North America.

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